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HeLa cells were infected with Amplicon vectors expressing the GFP protein as well as a specific iRNA sequence against the Lamin cellular protein.

As a result, HeLa cells infected by the Amplicon vectors show a green fluorescence but no red fluorescence indicating that the GFP protein was produced but that the Lamin synthesis was inhibited.


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Strong inhibition of the Lamin cellular protein synthesis was obtained after infection of the cells with iRNA specific Amplicon vectors

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HSV amplicons are powerful vectors for gene silencing :


-  High transfer efficiency of iRNA Amplicon vectors

-  Strong efficacy of iRNA expression

-  Homogeneous iRNA expression

-  Combinatorial expression of iRNA

-  Amplicon vectors are not cytotoxic

-  Amplicon vectors are easy to manipulate

-  Gene transfer protocol is very simple

-  High scale production of Amplicon vectors is available

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