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MOI = 0

GFP gene expression increases with the multiplicity of infection (MOI)

MOI = 2

MOI = 10

Many other mammalian cell lines, including human, mouse, rat, hamster, rabbits, etc., have been infected with Amplicon vectors, which have shown high efficiency of gene transfer and strong gene expression.

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Gene expression in a cell line

More applications

Glioblastoma cells derived from the Gli36 cell line were infected with GFP expressing Amplicon vectors at a multiplicity of infection (MOI) of 0, 2 or 10 particles per cell.

The GFP protein expression was directly visualized by fluorescence microscopy. The intensity of the green fluorescence correlated to the amount of the GFP protein produced after GFP gene transfer by the Amplicon vectors.

HSV amplicons are powerful vectors for gene transfer :


-  High efficacy of gene transfer in mammalian cells

-  Large payload gene transfer (up to 152 kbp)

-  Strong or regulated combinatorial gene expression

-  Homogeneous multigenic expression

-  Amplicon vectors are safe (no cytotoxicity)

-  Amplicon vectors are easy to manipulate

-  The gene transfer protocol is very simple

-  Amplicon vectors can be produced at high scale