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Amplicons vectors are non-cytotoxic, completely safe, herpes simplex virus - derived vectors with unique characteristics making them the vectors of choice for research and therapeutic applications


Characteristics and properties


High gene transfer capacity (152 kbp)

Strong gene expression allowed by :

   - high efficiency of gene transfer (close to 100 %)

   - high copy number (i.e. : 50 copies for a 2 kbp gene)

   - high multiplicity of infection

Stable gene expression without modification of the cell genome (SAM or HAC technologies)

Homogeneous gene expression as different genes can be transferred at once from the same Amplicon vector

Physiological gene expression can be achieved as a complete genomic locus can be introduced in one single Amplicon vector

Wide host range of infection (mammalians)

Complete lack of cytotoxicity (no viral genes, no plasmid DNA, no vector integration in the cellular genome )

High scale production (up to 10e10 TU/ml)




Gene replacement therapies (genetic editing)

Gene therapies (combinatorial gene over-expression and /or gene silencing)

Cellular therapies / regenerative medicine (cell engineering, reprogramming, differentiation, trans-differentiation)

Vaccines (expression of multiple antigens and immuno-modulators)

Immuno-therapies (expression of multiples mAbs and immuno-modulators)

Oncotherapies (oncolytic HSV and amplicon vectors)

Bio-production from transient gene expression to stable cell lines production without DNA integration (SAM or HAC technologies)

In vivo imaging (transfer of marker / reporter genes)

Transgenesis (transfer of homologous large DNA sequences or stable mini-chromosomes)

Functional genomic (transfer of regulatory large DNA sequences or mini-chromosomes)

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Amplicon vector, SAM and HAC technologies